What if I don’t have a domain yet?

We can start building your website as a subdomain under volcrone.com. Example yourname.volcrone.com. Please contact us for pricing. We can give you a discount from our original package prices. Once you decided to have a real domain name, we can go back to the regular package prices that we currently have.


What do you guys do?

We host your website and build your dream website from scratch. We have our in house professional  web developers, web designers, photographers, videographers, and graphic artists to build your dream website professionally.


What is the monthly charge for?

We charge you monthly for hosting and keeping your domain name running 24/7. Small labor jobs are included like adding new email accounts, removing email accounts and other small jobs. We will only charge extra if there is a big job you need us to work on your website like adding new features, creating graphics, photography or videography. We can only do photography and videogrpahy in Houston area for now. Other jobs that can be done remotely is entire world.


Can I transfers my domain to you? Or can I transfer my domain to another company?

Yes, you are the 100% owner of your domain name. We only host it for you. You can transfer your domain to us or transfer your domain to another company anytime. Transferring a domain usually takes 5 days or more.